We Provide Professional Cleaning in Cricklewood

We also cover: Camden Town, Somers Town, Kingsbury, Willesden, Harlesden

A clean environment is always inviting and it shows respect to your guests. Moreover, it is also a care to the health and peace of mind of your beloved ones. It is normal if your packed schedule is pushing you to the limits, leaving no space even to breathe. That’s why we would like to welcome you benefit from our professional cleaning services, which we deliver in Cricklewood. For years, we are at the forefront of providing cleaning services and a great number of our customers are eager to have us back.

We are involved in the cleaning industry long enough to know what our customers are looking for. That’s why we strived to enrich our knowledge and now we know no secret in this industry. This gave us the confidence to expand the number of services, which we provide and now we cover all type of cleaning. We sanitise even the most delicate surface with no risk of damage, because we know all the proper cleaning methods, complied with the surface.

Meritorious professional cleaning services in Cricklewood

Our company is dedicated to provide you with the highest quality in every aspect and for that purpose, the competent workforce definitely matters. We are really happy to work with such diligent and meticulous people, who accept every cleaning task with enthusiasm. They never give up, no matter how bad are the conditions, but even the opposite- they are inspired to fascinate you.

We have become the role model of perfection and our professional cleaning services are the most preferred in all Cricklewood. The reason is that we don’t waste any time in lingering, but we work in an organised way. We are initiative enough, so we roll up sleeves and start to work.

You can be sure that even if you are not able to be there when we clean, we will do the job consciously. Our cleaners are completely insured and vetted people, licensed and ready to legitimise. In that way, you always know who are you letting in your home.

For the safest treatment of fragile surfaces, we equipped our cleaning techs with the most professional cleaning agents, which are 100 per cent organic and powerful against the most stubborn stains. You can be sure that the surfaces will be intact and sparkling, without exposing your health to the dangerous influence of toxins.

Professional Cleaning Discounted Price
Regular Cleaning £16/h
One Off Cleaning £16/h
Spring, Deep Cleaning £18/h
After Builders Cleaning from £18/h
Window Cleaning from £45

Cricklewood NW2 Facts

pro cleaningOnce upon a time, Cricklewood was a rural settlement around a Roman Road. The impetus for its urbanisation came with the opening of the railways and the construction of the underground in near Willesden Green during the 1870s. Today the district offers bustling atmosphere as well as quiet leafy Victorian and Edwardian streets, which appeal to many families and property hunters. It is a home of a major Irish community, as, during the Seventies, hundreds of Irish construction workers settled here.

The main street in Cricklewood is the Cricklewood Broadway, where one can find a wide selection of fancy shops and cafes. The most popular landmark is the Crown pub, today replaced by the Crown Moran Hotel. Walking a title bit further, one can enjoy the Gladstone Park, a marvellous 30-hectare green area. There are several decent pubs in Cricklewood, among which The Queensbury and King Citric.

The quality doesn’t mean sky-high prices with us- we are in chase of long-lasting relations with our customers and that’s why we reduced our rates to the minimum. Moreover, you can benefit from our cleaning packages, which are tailored entirely in accordance to your needs. Get in touch with our friendly assistants and inform yourself. We are waiting for your calls!